Technology AGL implements next generation GDS(NDS) technology and
provides advanced payment system and mobile management system

Payment relay system

Similar to airlines' ATR system

Payment information is recognized by golf
clubs rather than directly settled at OTA.
This will allow every size/type of OTA
to approach golf clubs.

Card payment without 'physical' cards

On/Offline payment tokens enable convenient payment

Convenience payment eliminates
physical cards.
Virtual card tokens get rid of
leakage of personal information.

Cloud-based operation

Golf clubs do not require their own server or hardware

Every system is operated
within clouds.
Real-time back-ups and cross data
transmission enforces operation safety.

High-performance RestFul API

JSON based standardized API

All outside partners approaching
a cloud system use JSON based API.
Also cloud dispersion technology performs
large capacity of data queries.

Stable mobile client operation

API optimized for mobile service

Data protection methodology makes
safe and perfect data transmission.
AGL's all API is designed based on
mobile service.

Anonymous statistical strategy

Cloud-based anonymous data for operational strategy

AGL analyzes big data and provides
marketing solutions based on
anonymous stats.