Designated modules for each function guarantee
convenience, effectiveness and expertise.
Tiger GDS provides seperate, highly optimized
modules for each function
while current management systems run singular program
for all functions and needs.

Fronting mode

Fronting mode is for fronting desk, Pro Shop and F&B. Check-in, Check-out, Pro-shop and F&B and payment is fulfilled. Fronting mode is touch screen-based and composed of easy and convenient UI, helping users' work effectiveness.

Advisor Mode

Caddie of Marshall use advisor mode. When using advisor mode, the table is paired to specific player or group, linking to scorecard or cart control system. Real time orders and payment for F&B and Pro Shop is also connected to POS. Mobile device such as tablet is used for advisor mode and advisors (e.g. Caddie, Marshall) carry out the task.

Back Office Mode

Back office mode shows real-time based data and business status by graphs with high readability. Optimal tee time arrangement and price table is advised as well as marketing solution based on big data. Back office mode is provided on web page as well as mobile and PC screen.

Task Order Mode

Task order mode is provided when customer-related menu is off. Managers and employees use task order mode to proceed overall tasks. Task order mode is run on mobile devices.

Tiger GDS consists of
the following contents

All systems are mobile/tablet based,
and customers can use their existing client hardware.
  • Dash board

    Web-based dashboard

  • Windows based POS system

    Existing POS H/W could be used

  • Mobile based POS system

    Operable with android tablet

  • Web page

    Client’s own web page is operable

  • Mobile app

    We support each client
    by managing their own mobile app

  • Link system

    Tiger GDS links to OTA, search engines,
    portal and apps