Title AGL Co. Ltd., Advances the Golf Club Operation Solution TIGER GDS Updated 2021.10.18.
Contents "The ultimate program that the golf club needs"

AGL Co., Ltd. (CEO Jim Hwang), an IT company developing a golf club operation platform, launched the contact-free mobile integrated solution ‘TIGER GDS’, and is accelerating its continuous advancement.

By designing the existing golf course operating system on a GDS-based engine, the company is leading fundamental innovation in reservation, payment, and sales methods, and simultaneously preparing for advancement such as installing XK on 'TIGER GDS' with Big Data analysis function through cooperation with global leading companies.

In the case of a popular golf club in Korea, which is currently in the process of system supply and development, AGL Co., Ltd. participates in developing not only the golf club app but also the web page, and operates the golf club by developing and providing all processes for golfers to check-in and mobile payments after reservation. It allows the user to avoid the hassle of separately managing and paying for the system and mobile service.

Even if you wanted to use partial functions such as mobile check-in and services, 'TIGER GDS' eliminates the inconvenience of golf clubs caused by the burden of additional development costs or usage fees of hundreds of millions of units, as well as the inability to link with the existing operating system.

If mobile/online-based user-friendly services are provided, golf courses account for a large portion of golf course sales, but it eliminates waiting time for groups or members who crowd the front desk during peak times due to long processes. The platform not only improves the quality of service, but also increases customer satisfaction.

In addition, AGL is preparing to provide solutions through big data analysis to 'TIGER GDS' through cooperation with global leading companies. When the big data analysis solution is provided in the back office of 'TIGER GDS', the golf course filters the most effective target customers at the desired time in advance and conducts effective marketing only for those customers. It allows you to implement indiscriminate and wasteful marketing in a different dimension.

CEO Jim Hwang said, “'TIGER GDS' is expanding the scope of the operating system originally conceived, and AGL Co., Ltd. is not a subordinate business model based on the control of a specific company, but is a business model in various fields such as big data, finance and payment Our business model is to expand the golf ecosystem through business cooperation with leading companies. Therefore, 'TIGER GDS' will become a global solution that is continuously upgraded and overcomes its limitations.”

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