Title Your Golf Business's "Cloud" Nine: AGL's Path to Efficiency and Customer Growth with TigerGDS Updated Jul 15, 2021
Contents Today, golf courses are searching for numerous ways to reduce operating budgets and still remain aesthetically pleasing and well managed to attract new golfers. The question is, what else can you do if you’ve been reducing your budget for several years? What have you done to your course to differentiate it from your competitor courses? If you are in need of bringing in more golfers and improving customer satisfaction, perhaps new methods to do so without spending more money or, better yet, saving money is possible?

AGL has developed a cloud-based global distribution system and club management software to take your business to the next level.

TigerGDS was developed with the motivation to provide the most advanced tee time reservation operating system in the business. While working for 20 years in South Korea, U.S., Japan, China, and Southeast Asia on consignment operation of golf courses, consulting, and mergers and acquisitions at global companies including IMG and Troon Golf, AGL CEO Jim Hwang thought, 'Why can't golf clubs implement real-time bookings, ticketing, and payments like airline and hotel reservations?' These thoughts were put into action with the establishment of AGL, offering specialized and integrated golf IT solutions with the launch of TigerGDS in 2019.

The ease of booking tee times and simple mobile payment solutions are just small pieces of the TigerGDS software capability. The TigerGDS platform will introduce new booking sites through collaboration with business to consumer companies (B2C). These sites and/or apps will provide a wider range of booking options for your customers, adding convenience, tee-time availability, and an integrated payment system.

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