題目 AGL, tackles the market with its Golf Course IT Operating System 'Tiger' 登録日 2020.11.21.
内容 Seoul, Korea

Asia Golf Links (AGL), a global leader in on-line tee-time bookings, has expanded its offerings with the unveiling of a new Club Management System (CMS).

"We're excited to launch our Club Management System, which we believe is a whole new driver to improving operations and profitability at golf clubs", said Lee Kyung-chul, Chief Operating Officer at AGL, an Associate Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

"The system has been designed to help golf clubs to maximise their revenues ... and also to enhance the golfing experience of all players," he added.

Cloud-based with web management provided, the CMS is integrated on all individual devices. As well as an easy user-interface which minimises face-to-face contact, wireless payment is a key feature.

"An integrated system such as this allows golf clubs to choose process and when and where to initiate an action," said Lee.

Tablets carried by caddies are connected to the CMS. "If an F&B order is made via a tablet, it will be directly connected to the kitchen. It's quick and convenient for all," said Lee.

Based in Seoul, the Korean company currently boasts 700,000 members who make use of its technology to secure starting times at many of the most prestigious golf cources around the region - and beyond.

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