Title "Tiger" A 100% Non-contact Operation Solution that does not need a Kiosk Updated Apr 23, 2021
Contents (Ju-Hyun Lee, GlobalGolfTimes)

▲ Mr. K, who lives in Seoul, had to go search several reservation sites for playing golf on the weekend, call several golf clubs, and finally made a reservation for Golf Course A at the tee time he wanted.

Upon arriving at the golf course, Mr. K checks in at the front desk, is assigned a locker, changes his clothes, and goes out on the fielf by riding the assigned cart.

When he finishes the round, he stops at the front desk again to pay the fees and returns home.

▲ Mr. P, who lives in Seoul, searches 'golf' on the same weekend portal site, enters the desired date and time, and books the B golf course in a snap.

Upon arriving at the golf course, Mr. P directly uses the locker number that he checked on his smartphone in advance, changes his clothes, and goes out on the field on the cart.

After finishing the last hole, Mr. P pays his fees on the caddie's device on the spot and goes home right away.

While these are two people with the same purpose, the process and efforts that Mr. K and Mr. P went through from booking to coming home are very different.

Unlike Mr. K, Mr. P did not have to search several reservation sites or call the golf club. He also did not visit the front desk twice for check-in and payment.

This difference was made because Mr. P and Golf Club B were using "Tiger"(AGL GDS).

This example shows how Tiger, which is similar to airplane tickets and hotel reservation systems, makes golf club bookings convenient.

"Tiger" is an integrated golf service platform launched last year by AGL, a golf IT solution specialized company (CEO Jim Hwang).

Up until now, golf bookings and golf course operations were run by different systems, but Tiger has integrated these systems into one platform, covering all areas related to golf course opeiation such as bookings, game operation, payment, and service.

It may sound broad and complex, but it is a simple and efficient system.

Until now, golfers have used a reservation system and the golf club has used the ERP operation system, but Tiger allows them to operate in a single system.

It is also simple to use. The golf club can use Tiger for free and replace the existing ERP operating system, and golfers can research for 'golf' on a familiar portal site and book their desired Tee time and date without having to call the golf club or search the booking websites.

Golfer's bookings are reflected in the golf course in real time, and real-time payments can be made by establishing direct payment through the website.

It also maximizes golf clubs' profits. Operational efficiency and real-time reservations and payments are instantly implemented because they are already established within Tiger and there is no need to seperately setup and connect with operational payment systems and reservation channels.

Especially, if a website payment system is established, payments are made at the same time with other reservations, such as airlines, hotels, and movies, thus securing early sales revenues and minimizing the risk of canceling or booking changes.

With Tiger, the golf club can innovate all aspects of golf course operations, from reservations to payments and marketing. Golfers can make reservations through all channels such as existing booking applications, phone call bookings, and portal site bookings.

If the card is pre-registered at the time of booking, the golf club can be paid in any way (select payment upon arrival, etc.), and lockers can be assigned in advance by sending a text message containing a QR code to the customer after booking.

Reservation information can be checked in real time at the golf course, tee time is automatically generated, and options such as caddis, locker number, and carts are assigned according to the selection. Through an automatic check-in process, non-contact check-in is possible without checking in at the front desk or a kiosk.

Tiger provides a basic service for score management and control functions. When a golfer starts a round, the real-time course location is displayed, and the golf course directly accumulates score data. During the round, real-time orders and payments (interim and fuul payments) are possible through a tablet PC.

Payment can be made in real time at any time the golfer desires, such as at the time of booking, during the round, and checkout. Also it supports all payment methods such as divided individual payments, cards, points, and gift certificates.

This simplifies and provides flexibility in all operating procedures, and adds practicality to operations management and marketing.

First, tee times and rates can be set in various ways, so it is possible to maximize profits by optimizing each golf course.

All operational data is accumulated and provided as statistical data, and a customized marketing solution based on Big Data can be planned.

Tiger does not have to have a separate computer server for each golf course because everything is operated by a cloud server, and there is no server cost. In other words, the golf course only needs to be focused on the operation of the golf course without burdening the management manpower or cost for the operating system.

Tiger was developed with the motivation to introduce the most advanced operating system in the business of selling time (Tee time) to the golf course as well.

While working on consignment operation of golf course, consulting, M&A, etc. for 20 years in Korea, U.S., Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, AGL CEO Jin-guk Hwang thought, 'Why can't golf clubs implement real-time bookings, ticketing, and payments like airline and hotel reservations?'

He said, "In the mid-1990s, when golf clubs had just introduced a computerized operating system, instead of operating and managing by handwriting, telephone, and fax, the aviation industry had already introduces a system like Tiger and was undergoing digital innovation. The industry is developing the operation and marketing from a business that sells time to a state close to art, which in turn leads to maximizing the value of the user experience and necessary services."

He continued, "We have developed Tiger with the goal of creating an operating system that can achieve the same effect at the golf clubs. It's not a complicated and difficult method."

He said with confidence that, "Just choose Tiger as your operating system. We, as experts, will take care of the rest."

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