Title 150 overseas golf courses, reservation OK at Maekyung(Maeil Economy) Homepage Updated 2023.04.12
Contents Golf courses in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc Reservations can be made according to the date and time After checking the tee-time, it's decided You can check the reservation in real-time Cooperation with Golf Tech company AGL Golfers are turning their eyes abroad as the flight path, which had been blocked by COVID-19, opens. However, it is not easy to book a golf course according to the itinerary. This is because it is difficult to find the right tee time for the desired date and time. There is an overseas golf course tee time reservation service that will blow away golfers' worries at once. Maeil Economy's real-time reservation service for overseas golf courses has been created in partnership with global golf technology company AGL since the 4th.

Until now, Maeil Economy has taken the lead in the development of Korean golf by holding the GS Caltex Maekyung Open, called as ‘Korea's Masters’, the World's Top 3 Golf Show, ‘Maekyung Golf Expo’ and the Kakao VX Maekyung Amateur Golf Championship. This time, Maeil Economy will attract golfers by introducing real-time reservation services for overseas golf courses.

If you go to the website of Maeil Economy's overseas golf course real-time reservation service, you can check the tee times of more than 150 golf courses in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Guam, Japan, and Saipan. It's so simple that anyone can make a reservation at once. You can search for a golf course in the area where you travel and choose an empty tee time. Another special feature of Maeil Economy's real-time reservation service is that reservations are confirmed in real-time without waiting time after payment is completed.

The satisfaction level of golfers is high. Kim Jae-hoon, an office worker who is planning to go on a golf trip to Malaysia next month, said, "I was thinking about how to book a local golf course in Malaysia, but I booked it comfortably with a real-time reservation service for Maeil Economy overseas golf courses." "I was also satisfied with the fact that I could check the reservation status in real time," he said. When I see golf courses where reservations are available, It’s jaw-dropping.

The most representative golf courses are the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club, where the PGA Tour CIMB Classic and the LPGA Tour Saimabi Malaysia were held. Golfers are showing a lot of interest as they can play golf directly at the golf course they saw on TV. This is not all. Siam Country Club in Thailand, known as the prestigious golf course in Southeast Asia, and BRG Da Nang, located in Da Nang, Vietnam, are available at reasonable prices. Guam and Saipan golf courses can also be booked without much difficulty by using the Maekyung Overseas Golf Course real-time reservation service.

"Through the Maekyung Golf Course Real-Time Reservation Service, overseas golf clubs can be booked as comfortably as Korean golf courses," said CEO Jim Hwang of AGL. "In the future, we will increase the number of overseas golf courses that Korean golfers can play at more diverse golf courses." "We will not stop making efforts to provide real-time reservation services for overseas golf courses that golfers are satisfied with," he said.

AGL, which joined Maeil Economy, is the world's first golf GDS developer that connects golf courses around the world in real time. Tiger GDS, a cloud and big data-based system that allows users to use golf courses to pay for golf courses with just one GNR (Golfer Name Record), is so highly evaluated that it is called a "golf course high-pass solution."

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