Title CEO Jim Hwang of AGL | Implementation of a global golf course tee-time GDS solution...Real-time inquiry, reservation, and payment Updated 2023.03.10
Contents Based on Series A in 2022, cumulative investment is around KRW 10 billion

Partnerships with about 500 golf courses and tourism boards at home and abroad

Golf tech venture company AGL is expanding its golf course tee-time real-time reservation service around the world. I talked with CEO Jim Hwang of AGL.

Please introduce AGL.

I have been involved in the golf industry for more than 20 years. While feeling the need for digital transformation and globalization of the golf industry, AGL was established as a golf technology venture company in 2019. The GDS system, which was mainly used for airline tickets and hotel reservations, was introduced to golf course tee-time reservations to develop a "TIGER GDS solution" and has been supplying it to major golf courses at home and abroad since 2020.

The main business model is the global golf tee-time distribution structure in which golfers book and pay golf course tee-times in real time by connecting golf clubs and B2C platforms around the world. In recognition of its value and technology, it attracted cumulative investment of 10 billion won based on Series A in 2022. As of February 2023, it maintains partnerships with more than 500 domestic and foreign golf courses, of which about 70% are overseas golf courses. In early March, additional tee-times for golf courses in Malaysia and Vietnam will be opened. It is also collaborating with major national and urban tourism agencies and golf associations.

In the meantime, it has been difficult to make real-time reservations at overseas golf courses compared to hotels and airlines.

Although it is a little late compared to the hotel and airline industries, I think the introduction of the GDS system for golf course tee-time reservations is significant in that it has taken its first step in a market that no one has entered.

This is the result of the efforts of the CTO, which carried out a number of projects related to airline and hotel reservations, and the internal IT development team, which accounts for more than 70% of all executives and employees.

Consumers continue to find new technologies and adapt quickly, such as becoming more familiar with mobile environments. To keep up with this trend of the times, we will continue to apply new technologies to the golf industry and develop them.

Currently providing real-time reservation services to MOVV and MyRealTrip, what are their results?

In December last year, it started overseas golf reservation services for MOVV and MyRealTrip. The biggest achievement was that it provided golfers with exciting experiences of overseas golf trips. Collaboration with My RealTrip, a free travel platform, has increased the number of young golf travelers in their 20s and 30s, and it has also shown a change in the trend of enjoying golf free travel at reasonable prices and suitable for their respective travel schedules.

What is your future business strategy?

First of all, we will focus on establishing a real-time distribution process for tee-time and securing high-quality tee-time at the same time as expanding the contract golf course. In particular, it aims to make a direct contract with overseas golf courses, and more than half of them run overseas a month to secure golf course tee-times in countries and cities favored by domestic golfers.

Collaboration with major domestic and foreign platforms and B2C channels will also be expanded so that customers can use overseas golf courses through more diverse channels. Ultimately, it plans to work with various channels to increase access to golf and golf travel as well as reservations for tee-time at overseas golf courses and contribute to the development of the overall golf industry.

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