Title AGL, the GDS-based golf course operating platform,
attracts a Series A Venture Investment of 3.5 billion Korean Won
Updated Apr 9, 2021
Contents (Ju-Hyun Lee, GlobalGolfTimes)

AGL(Jim Hwang), the GDS-based golf course operating platform developing IT company, has attracted a Series A investment(initial investment and seed money) of 3.5 billion Korean Won as stated on March 29th.

In this round, Korea Investment Partners (CEO Yeo-hyun Baek) and K2 Investment Partners (CEO Ji-hoon Kim and Bong-su Kim), the largest venture capitalists in Korea, participated.

Korea Investment Partners, an affiliate of Korea Investment Holdings (one of the top financial groups in Korea), is leading the venture investment industry with its extensive investment experience.

In particular, Korea Investment Partners is known to increase investment value through network support essential for business expansion in various industries, ranging from initial venture startup investment to growth support investment after mid-term.

Deok-Jun Shin, the Managing Director of Korea Investment Partners, said, "I saw AGL's technological capabilities and differentiated business model, and decided to make an investment by highly evaluating its potential not only in the domestic market but also in the global market."

AGL's golf course operating system 'Tiger' is ▲ The world's first GDS-based 100% non face-to-face service, ▲ has a Real-time online payment method that can create new user experience value for golfers by innovating the golf course operation method. In addition, ▲ it expands the golf course tee time sales channels to portals and global OTAs and ▲ is evaluated to improve the golf course's profits by eliminating the fee for using the golf course's operating system by differentiating its business model.

AGL CEO Jim Hwang said, "Through this investment attraction, we will be able to lay the foundation for AGL's domestic and overseas business." He continued, "As the world's first new operating system, we are proud to create results and become a win-win for golf courses, golfers, and B2C operators. As a result, I want to create a new golf ecosystem."

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