Title AGL Co., Ltd. and Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. signed an MOU for golf course projects Updated 2021.12.02.
Contents AGL Co., Ltd. (CEO Jim Hwang), an IT company that develops a golf course operating platform, signed an MOU with Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. and will start a golf cooperation project in earnest.

The main point of this cooperative project is AGL Co., Ltd. secures golf courses through the supply of TIGER GDS and provides customers with slots for golf courses secured through Shinhan Bank's platform (Shinhan SOL, Shinhan pLay). Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. can expand the golf services to PBs who need unique services or general customers and Shinhan Bank's platform can also operate as a global B2C channel.

AGL Co., Ltd. has a number of golf courses overseas that can be played at special prices with exclusive or friendly relationships, so securing golf content through AGL Co., Ltd. is expected to serve as a great benefit for customers of Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd.

Golf courses using TIGER GDS secure 12 million members of Shinhan members and 7.4 million people using Shinhan application every day as potential customers, and secure a huge customer network that can lead to golf courses via AGL.

In addition, as the number of golf services customers through AGL increases, the accumulated data will allow analyzing key customers and can make promotions on bigger platforms such as Shinhan Bank, as well as increasing the probability for golfers to find golf courses that fit for themselves.

Through this process, AGL Co., Ltd. analyzes that it will be feasible to have a win-win business for golf courses, channels, as well as golfers.

AGL Co., Ltd., CEO, Jim Hwang said, "So far, golf reservations have only been made through local apps. In Korea, the number of people enjoying golf has already surpassed 6.4 million (12% of the domestic population), and the demand for overseas golf before COVID-19 has exceeded 3 trillion won, but global OTAs and platforms that can efficiently meet this demand have not been able to enter the golf industry.”

He added, “It is the first case of OTA with 12 million members and 7.4 million DAUs as a result of a partnership with Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd., and Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. can also provide differentiated golf services. By acquiring as many domestic and foreign golf courses as possible, we will innovate the golf industry, allowing golf courses, channels, and golfers to all win-win.”

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