Title HDC Resort · KT · AGL establishes the first domestic big data-based golf resort Updated 2021.11.22.
Contents HDC Resort Co. (CEO Cho Younghwan), the management company of the premium Oak Valley golf club & resort is going into a full swing of the establishment of the first domestic golf resort that utilizes big data and artificial intelligence with AGL, an IT company of golf club management platform, and KT, a domestic leading company of the communications.

This collaboration deviates from existing marketing methods, such as sending mass text messages to all members or running online events through the website. Instead, it is expected to promote effective marketing tool that analyzes and shows the best matching results for both golf clubs and the players.

Such marketing method analyzes the gender or age group, residential area, travelling distance, length of stay, budget and impressions of the courses from reviews on social media, and allows the users to easily find the matching segment that has the most characteristic in common.

Of course, in the process, the marketing target is limited to the customers who gave consent thereto. Also, the risk of personal information leakage is eliminated by processing the customer information only as a collective ‘pattern.’

The big data processed this way may be used as the most effective marketing tool, and based on the built-in rate of AI, a price strategy can be carried out to maximize the sales considering various variables.

Such price strategy is a win-win strategy that will not only bring the golf clubs a huge benefit of maximized sales, but also offer the most reasonable price to the players.

Representative Cho Younghwan of HDC Resort said, “Oak Valley Golf & Resort is already providing the high-quality premium services. Yet, we ought to be prepared for the post-pandemic era by improving the operation system of the existing golf clubs in line with the era of the 4th industrial revolution.”

The board member as well as the head of department of golf, Lee Soyeon of HDC Resort revealed that the company will “enjoy the benefits of rapidly developing IT from the partnership with ‘KT Big data and AGL TIGER GDS’ and raise the global brand awareness of HDC Resort via Digital Transformation.”

Oak Valley is currently running 63 holes of golf courses including the member-exclusive courses such as Oak Valley CC (36 holes) · Oak Hills CC (18 holes) and public courses such as Oak Creek GC (9 holes). In 2022, it will become the first premium golf resort in Korea with 90 holes courses.

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