Title AGL-KT, Launches the Golf Club Big Data Marketing Solution Updated 2021.11.08.
Contents Big data marketing designed by experts is incorporated into golf club operation.

AGL Co., Ltd. (CEO Jim Hwang), an IT company developing a golf club operating platform, recently announced that it would launch a 'big data marketing solution' for the first time in the global golf industry through business cooperation with KT.

Existing golf club marketing took a limited form, such as sending a uniform text message to members or posting an event through the website.

Therefore, by targeting the customers who will visit the golf course the most according to time, age, and price range. Even if the customer was not a member, it was impossible to access the bigger big data target to which the target belongs, and effective 'target marketing' was impossible.

However, through this cooperation between AGL and KT, it has become possible to analyze and recommend the most attractive golfers and golf courses from the golf course and golfer's perspective, and to conduct marketing effectively.

In other words, the golf course analyzes the gender, age group, residential area, limit travel distance, impression of the golf course, SNS upload, stay time, consumption amount, etc. of the customers who visit the most according to time zone or specific conditions, Marketing can proceed by approaching a larger group with the most similar characteristics.

Here, the marketing target is limited to customers who have obtained consent, and customer information is also used only as a collective “pattern”, so the risk of personal information leakage, which is a sensitive issue, is eliminated.

The analyzed big data can not only be used as the most effective marketing tool, but also a pricing strategy that can achieve the maximum sales considering various variables can be established based on the built-in rate using AI.

This pricing strategy brings the greatest result of maximizing sales for the golf course and enables a win-win for both the golf course and the golfer because it is possible to offer the most suitable price for the golfer.

AGL big data marketing and AI pricing strategy will be provided as a module of 'TIGER GDS', the company's golf course operation solution, and golf courses can receive additional promotions and consulting services.

AGL said, "The 'big data/AI solution' to be provided through this cooperation with KT goes beyond the existing golf course operation solution and is the first service provided worldwide. It is the key to predicting green fees and enabling optimized green fees to achieve the maximum internal rate and sales.”

“TIGER GDS, which provides this, is differentiated in its golf course operating system itself, and it provides mobile and non-face-to-face check-in, payment, control, and score services that have been individually contracted and developed so far as a total solution.” “Through TIGER GDS, The golf industry will also be able to enjoy IT benefits and create a more developed and expanded ecosystem.”

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